Thursday, February 4, 2010

Continued convergence of broadcast and on-line

It is the time of year when companies and advertising agencies pull out all of the stops to get their best creative on the broadcast airwaves during the Super Bowl. This is when all media buyers stress out the most, negotiating the optimal location within a commercial pod for their clients spot. They watch the Super Bowl commercial breaks with eagle eyes, making sure that everything ran correctly. This year it will be a little different as we see the continued merging of broadcast media with the on-line media. Previously it was that drove viewers to their web-site to see the remainder of the commercial. This year the up and coming Austin company HomeAway will be airing a spot created by Publicis in the West. The spot will feature the National Lampoon’s Griswald family. While they have not stated which quarter the spot will air in, it is widely publicized that the spot will direct you to their web-site to watch a 5 minute National Lampoon/HomeAway video. The ultimate goal for the company’s spot is to increase company recognition and put them in a good spot for when they go IPO in the next couple of years. I think between word of mouth by such famous people as Lance Armstrong, who has tweeted about Home Away on numerous occasions, and the spot, that the company should see continued growth and recognition.

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