Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FIFA World Cup Soccer

I become a fan of Football AKA Soccer every four years like many Americans. According to Neilson, the 2010 FIFA World Cup ratings are soaring at a 16-year high. Through the first 14 rounds of the World Cup, ESPN and ABC generated an average audience of 3.35 million viewers. Univision has averaged 2.24 million viewers through its first 17 broadcasts. This is all great news for the Soccer aficionado’s.

What I have found disheartening is the lack of enthusiasm of the English speaking commentators on ESPN. Many of them are so dull and boring that I have found myself switching over to the Univision broadcast, even though I do not speak Spanish and there is no SAP equivalent for Univision. I have also tried to listen to the Soccer matches on ESPN radio. This is the station that is supposed to be broadcasting the matches per the FIFA web-site. To my surprise, the local ESPN station felt it was more advantages to air sports chat hour rather than the match. Again I had to switch to a Spanish station. With rating up all over the country, you would think that everyone would want to celebrate FIFA and air it on their stations with energy and style.

Let me know your thoughts on the subject.