Friday, May 14, 2010

Broadcast Television Up-Front Week

It is the much anticipated time of year again when all the Network Broadcast Channels head to New York, bring out all their top television stars and parade them across the stage in front of their major network advertisers. Each network touts how they are #1 in something and how they stand out above the rest. What will NBC say this year? Have they found a way to rebound from dismal numbers or will they remain a two trick pony with more Law & Order and CSI programs. Will they gloss over the whole Leno/Co Co debacle. What new breakout hits will there be? Will ABC provide another song and dance number at their presentation and what will Jimmy Kimmel do for his portion of the ceremony. What shows will not make it to the '10-'11 season? Will they discuss more year round programing as more of the top markets become LPM markets rather than sweep period rated markets? All this will be reveled this week. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Upcoming Upfront Presentation Schedule

Telemundo - May 13, NYC
Fox Sports en EspaƱol - May 13, Miami
NBC - May 17, NYC
Fox - May 17, NYC
ABC - May 18, NYC
CBS - May 19, NYC
Turner Entertainment - May 19, NYC
MTV Tr3s - May 19, NYC
Univision- May 20, NYC
CW - May 20, NYC

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